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Wow what a shout out.

As with most of us in this industry, it's all in a day's work ............... but Wow, how nice is it to receive a personal 'thank you' like this!!

StartFragmentDiscovering Andy at MEPUK was a find I will be eternally grateful for. Nothing was too much trouble for Andy - he did a site visit with me to understand the logistics of the venue, came up 2 days before to erect the Chuppah to allow the florists to work their magic and worked so hard from early hours on my wedding day to help create a beautiful atmosphere in our sperry tent. He even obliged my request to carve our initials into the bark of the Chuppah. We cannot thank you enough Mr and Mrs Scott Thanks so much Andy - lots of love Jade xxx

We also provided a full stage and lighting production and worked with the amazing Sensation Band, Katy Kresner. Jamie Paskin and the great team at Soho Farmhouse and of course my wife and partner Sue.


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